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Wedding Packages

It was so fantastic having John at our wedding! He was extremely charming and mingled with our guests casually, delighting them with magic! We had so many people say how much they enjoyed it, but he didn’t in any way capture too much focus (working in small groups) and really blended in. Would strongly and unreservedly recommend him!

- Benjamin Williamson, Opera Singer

Why Book a Magician?

When it comes to organising and living your wedding day, things can get stressful very quickly when it should be a day to enjoy. That is where your entertainment comes in. Having entertainment takes away the responsibility and stress of needing to break the ice between different families and friend groups. And what better way to break the ice than having your guests laugh and be mystified while you get to enjoy mingling casually and your first few hours as a married couple?

As a form of entertainment that directly interacts with your guests, a magician will get people talking to each other, laughing together and more at ease.

And perhaps most importantly for lots of couples, a world class magician entertaining at their wedding is the kind of thing that their friends and family will talk about and remember for years to come. When planning your big celebration, who doesn't have in mind their guests walking away with the biggest smiles possible, telling all their friends how wonderful your wedding was?

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Full Package


By far the most popular package, this secures my performance for the whole of the festivities. I will greet your guests at the drinks reception and make an instant impact with hard-hitting, quick-response magic. The ice will be broken between your guests and they will get to know me so that when the wedding breakfast arrives, they are already comfortable with me so that I can sit down with them and guide them through more intimate, personal magic. I will also spend a lot more time at the top table and will have a very special magical gift for the happy couple.


This package includes 6 hours of my time. 

Mini Package 1


While your guests are arriving at your drinks reception, leave me to entertain them with elegant, classic close-up magic. I will break the ice between people and get them mingling. This will leave you both free to enjoy your first drinks together as a married couple, rather than trying to make sure that everyone is alright.


This package includes 2 hours of performance.

Mini Package 2


A traditional way to enjoy magic at a wedding, this would have me strolling tables during the wedding breakfast. Before, between and after courses, I will get to spend more time getting to know your guests and with the addition of dining tables, will sit down and perform more intimate and complex magic, still guaranteed to set your wedding apart from others by confounding and entertaining your guests.


This package includes 3 hours of performance.

* All prices include vat + travel expenses within Greater London. Travel farther afield will incur additional travel costs.


Let's get the ball rolling on planning your wedding! Please drop us a message, whatever stage you're at in planning your wedding, to discuss or ask questions about what John can provide for you.

Alternatively, please feel free to email us directly at

Thanks. We can't wait to work with you!

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