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John Conway


The Conjurer

Hailing from London, John Conway is a performer who may just have fluttered in from another era. His style flaunts an old-world charm and elegance that harks from a time when gentleman learnt to do magic to entertain their friends; when an after dinner sherry was accompanied by some dignified trickery in the drawing room for the delight of good company.

John performs direct, sophisticated magic in close up settings with the focus on inclusive, high-impact entertainment. His refined, timeless style and ease with guests is certain to add a suave and exciting feel to an event.

With two decades of the practice of magic in his fingertips, he is fascinated with many of the facets of his craft but has a particular interest in the routines of victorian conjurers and the lives of the old time scam artists (himself being an expert in the skills of the card sharp and hustler.)

John's experience extends from intimate cocktail parties to large corporate events; weddings and celebrations to at-home demonstrations of the card cheat; monthly ticketed performances of his work to command performances for royalty.

Performing the most refined work, for a public show he can be found performing at 'Friday Night at the Ritz' - a monthly magic show he hosts and performs in at the world's most iconic hotel.

A proud member of the world's most prestigious magic society, The Magic Circle, John is guaranteed to perform the most elegant deceptions and impossible feats of tomfoolery for his audiences.

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John is proudly represented by Universal Talent Management.



Your Event

Hiring a professional entertainer can take the stress out of an event you are organising, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, product launch or a dinner party. With a high quality magician, you can expect to relax and enjoy the event you have worked hard to plan alongside your guests, as John takes control of giving them a memorable experience and holding their attention so you don't have to. The requirement of any professional entertainer is be attentive to the needs of the client and to provide a performance tailored to the vision they have for an event. To this end, John will help you bring to life and realise the feeling you want your guests to take away with them.

Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events

Close up magic for your guests is the perfect way to help them relax and break the ice with other guests in attendance. This can be particularly useful when certain guests have only just met each other for the first time. This is more than just presenting tricks - John will entertain your guests with his style as well as his technique and build a rapport with them so that they are given the most personal experience possible. A usual performance will have John mingling with your guests before, during and/or after a meal if there is a dinner, or mingling while people drink and relax at a reception, or any other point in your event that you feel can be enhanced with a professional entertainer taking on the responsibility of holding your guests' interest and giving them an experience they will go away telling their friends about. Performing classic magic holds great versatility for your event and a performance can involve cards, coins, everyday objects, more unusual objects and mind reading - all of which can be arranged and tailored to your requirements.

The Drawing Room

Imagine the impact of having a close up magician at a small cocktail party you are hosting. Or a demonstration in your own home of the techniques of the card cheat. John's style is perfect for the same kind of intimate, bespoke performances that one can imagine happening in the grand houses across Europe during the Belle Époque. This kind of performance is without doubt an incredible gift to your guests and perfect for those that wish to plan something that has a lasting impact on their friends and loved ones.

What Now?

You may have made up your mind and feel as though a close up magician is exactly what your event needs. You may not be entirely sure what is required to help achieve what you want your guests to experience. The easiest thing to do would be to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page, either for a no obligation quote or a discussion about your needs and what John can create for you.

When making contact requesting a quote and in order to allow for an immediate response, please include the following information:

  • ​Date, time and duration that you would like John to perform for.

  • Location.

  • Nature of event.

  • Nature of performance - i.e. strolling magic, sit down performance, etc.

  • Likely age range of guests.

Clients and Partners

these include:

The Royal Family of Thailand


What Others Say

"Wondrous, elegant magic! Simply beautiful to watch."

- His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden

"What an incredibly talented young man you are. A wonderful performance"

- Her Royal Highness Princess Ribha of Thailand

"A tremendously witty, slick and entertaining performance of in-your-face magic that simply defies belief."

- Tim, spectator ‘Friday Night at the Ritz’

"An incredible evening of magic. Funny, informative (yes really!), friendly and very clever. You will not regret a trip to see this show."

- Hayley, spectator ‘Friday Night at the Ritz’

“Amazing show! I will definitely be returning.”

- Mohammed, spectator ‘Friday Night at the Ritz’

“I have been inundated with people complimenting us on finding you. You were utterly brilliant and left us all awestruck.”

- Ann-Mari, booked 50th birthday party

“You have the confidence to play, the skill set to back it up and passion in your art.”

- Paul, professional magician

“Unbelievably beautiful.”

- Neil McLellan, record producer

"I had seen you perform at a large 60th dinner, on stage and amaze the audience with memory skills and humour. This is when I thought I must have you at my party [...] My guests were amazed by your skill and charmed by your manner."

- Matthew, booked for private cocktail party


How much does John charge?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it isn't simply a case of quoting an all-purpose hourly fee. A quote will take into account things such as the kind of event, travel time and distance, type of magic requested, etc. The best thing is to use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send details of your proposed event for a no obligation quote.



Does he perform for children?


John's style is suitable for events where children are present and they will find as much in his performance to enjoy as the adults will, but this style is not best suited to performing for children-only shows. However, we are very happy to recommend a high quality children's entertainer and if you wish to contact us via the form at the bottom of the page with details of what you are looking for, we will happily make a recommendation.

Is he a member of The Magic Circle?

Yes. John is incredibly proud to be a full member of the world's most prestigious magic society.

What area does he cover?

Based in London, John mainly works in the capital and home counties but is available for bookings across the U.K.

Can he create something bespoke for me?

Absolutely! Whether it is a piece of magic for a theatre production, something for a video, a magical way to give someone a gift or anything else, John can help you create something for your product or occasion using his expert knowledge of magic. 

Is he insured?

Yes. As a member of Equity, he has full public liability insurance.



For all enquiries, please use the form below for a quick reply. For future bookings, be sure to give as much information as possible about your event.